Year: 2011


Simple steps to set Master / Slave replication in MySQL Database

Why i have to do master-slave replication using MySQL? 1. One of the biggest advantages to have master-slave set up in MySQL is to be able to use master for all of the inserts, update and delete queries and slave for select queries. This will most probably speed up your application without having to diving […]

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Execute php codes in your WordPress Page without Plug-ins!

Below are the simple steps to create a WordPress Page with capability to execute php code without any wordpress plug-ins! Step1 :  Goto your theme directory and create a page  template as follows in the screen shot! Step 2:  Save this file in your current theme directory.

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Cross-domain communications with JSONP using JavaScript and jQuery!

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) is the key technology driving the new generation of Web sites, popularly termed as Web 2.0 sites.Ajax allows for data retrieval in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the Web application. Data is retrieved using the XMLHttpRequest function, which is an API that lets client-side JavaScript […]

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