Setting up a website with WHM (WebHost Manager) and VPS

Recently i bought an VPS server on the The server is an linux server (Cent OS) with Cpanel. I had few issues to setup server space for my websites.

Note: My website registered in the

Below are the steps to setup a website with WHM Panel and i believe that the steps would be really helpful somebody with new WHM panel and new website.

Step 1: Create Account in the WHM for your new website.

So the first step is about to create a new account in the WHM to activate FTP, Space and all. Once you done, you can login to FTP with the credentials you had given.

And you can start transferring files for your new website. 🙂

Below video helps you create a new account on WHM for your website.

WHM -> Account Functions -> Create a New Account

Setp 2: DNS Setup

Now you need to change the DNS for your website. Unlike the shared server, the VPS servers comes with the IP’s. So the DNS Setup is little more complicated here (Bcoz i got an issue on here only).

Find your IP on

Login to -> Go to My Account page -> Click on Servers -> Click on Launch Button

On the My server page, you will find an IP.

Once you got your IP, Go to your domain registrar website to setup DNS for your newly create website. Below one is for

The default nameservers ( and won’t be work. So you need to create your own nameservers with the IP given by

I found these steps from their website(

Just read the steps, it might be same for other registrar also.

Once you register the custom nameservers, you should then be able to change the nameservers to:

Step 3: Setup DNS in the WHM

Now you need to make the following changes in the WHM,

1. Login to your WebHost Manager – username: root
2. Click DNS Functions
3. Edit DNS Zone
4. Select and click Edit
5. Change all instances of to
6. Change all instances of to
7. Change the IP for ns2 from to <Your IP Address>
8. Change the IP for ns1 from to <Your IP Address>
9. Click Save

Once you done with the above steps, Click “Restart Services” -> DNS Server -> DNS Server (BIND/NSD/MyDNS)

Restart the DNS server.

Thats all. DNS changes take 24-48 hours to propagate.


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