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Angular 6 – Easy way to communicate between two components

This is a quick tutorial to show how you can communicate between components in Angular 6 and TypeScript. The way to communicate between components is to use an Observable and a Subject (which is a type of observable), I do not want to go too much into the details about how observables work here since it’s a big subject, […]

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php 7 on mac
PHP7 Installation

Upgrade to PHP 7.1 or 7.2 on macOS

Sometimes you may get some issue when you upgrade php version from 5* to 7*. I got this issue. When i check php version in terminal using “php -v”, it was showing PHP 7.1, but when i check through HTTP using , it shows me the older version (php 5*). So, i have approached the […]

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Drupal 8
Twig template

Disable Drupal 8 Twig template cache during development

It usual when you are new to the Drupal 8 theme development and you will get this annoying experience. Every time you will have to clear cache when you want to see the changes. Please are the steps to disable Twig template caching when you are working for Drupal 8 theme development. But these are […]

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Folder file limit
Web Programming

Codeigniter – Too many files in cache directory

Codeigniter file-based caching will take the completely rendered output and save it to the disk. So there is no need to talk to the database or process anything and it is tremendously reducing the server load. But, It is limited if we have more than 10k files( depends upon server configuration ) in cache directory. […]

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DNS Changes
server configuration
Web Programming
WHM Panel
WHM Setup

Setting up a website with WHM (WebHost Manager) and VPS

Recently i bought an VPS server on the The server is an linux server (Cent OS) with Cpanel. I had few issues to setup server space for my websites. Note: My website registered in the Below are the steps to setup a website with WHM Panel and i believe that the steps would […]

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Web Programming

Codeigniter .htaccess for godaddy and other servers Codeigniter Installation / Configuration: Having just struggled with this issue myself, this seems to be the shortest path to proper performance on Godaddy. This is entirely based on other people’s posts but, I didn’t really see this all in one place so I thought I do just that. Without Htaccess: (Change in the config.php) […]

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Instagram API
web 2.0
Web Programming

Instagram curl -F to request an access_token

I have been working with the Instagram API for my client project, So below is the code snippet to get userid (if user logged with instagram). I got the reference code from here ( and the below one is i have tried with the php language. Info about Curl -F -> curl is a linux […]

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Simple steps to set Master / Slave replication in MySQL Database

Why i have to do master-slave replication using MySQL? 1. One of the biggest advantages to have master-slave set up in MySQL is to be able to use master for all of the inserts, update and delete queries and slave for select queries. This will most probably speed up your application without having to diving […]

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Execute php codes in your WordPress Page without Plug-ins!

Below are the simple steps to create a WordPress Page with capability to execute php code without any wordpress plug-ins! Step1 :  Goto your theme directory and create a page  template as follows in the screen shot! Step 2:  Save this file in your current theme directory.

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Cross-domain communications with JSONP using JavaScript and jQuery!

Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) is the key technology driving the new generation of Web sites, popularly termed as Web 2.0 sites.Ajax allows for data retrieval in the background without interfering with the display and behavior of the Web application. Data is retrieved using the XMLHttpRequest function, which is an API that lets client-side JavaScript […]

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